Saturday, September 5, 2009

I spent part of my summer working at wonderland and it was a great experience. I love to talk to people and draw them. I went on many free rides and overall really enjoyed it. To work as a caricaturist for a short while was actually one of my mini dreams, so it was quite satisfying.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New CG Test Blockins

Over the summer i've been watching many tutorials and reading many books on scriptwriting and animation. In particular, i paid attention to lectures by david levy and dylan cole. I picked up a couple techiques on matte painting and using complex brushes.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Leicha Reel

This was one of my favorite projects for this year. I got really consumed with using after effects and Photoshop. Overall, I really enjoyed the process.

Pink Panther Project

For this project I wanted it to actually look on model to the pink panther character. I wanted the background to feel like it might’ve come from one of the shows. The background actually all started with one tree. I made the tree blue and thought it reminded me of winter, so I based the rest of the surroundings on that idea.

Head Rotation

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Character Designs and Poses

These are some character expression and pose sheets. I really like working with pen because it creates a nice fine line. I like getting pretty technical and refined with my character designs.

Caricaturing Day!

Man this was the greatest lifedrawing class experience. It was so hilariously funny how many of my classmates would pose for 10 minutes. Its too bad i wasn't able to draw my friend Daniel, he looked like he had some dramatic expressions when i was seeing him from far away.

Hand Drawings

These are hands that i did for lifedrawing class. I remember my hands would stiff from posing them for a while. It was a great learning experience to draw hands more structurally.

Bone Drawings

These are bone drawings i did for lifedrawing class at Sheridan College. It was quite a great experience and i fell in love with drawing the pelvis. We were able to take home bones and analyze them and i found that the pelvis has a very beautiful and intricate design.

Drawings and Paintings

Here are some digital paintings that i did along with my gouache painting of a chameleon. When I was experimenting with digital painting and i painted a copy of an artist named Rob Camp, and i also got really inspired by the movie "Closer" so i painted something from that too.